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The Effectiveness of Etiquette

Do you know how to behave? Specifically, do you know the proper protocol in a variety of business situations that require appropriate manners?


Sally Santiago, director of Human Resources of LPS, Inc. turns herself back when a new employee walks toward her. But Laura, stop, approach David and shake his hand. Sally worders who should extend a proper handshaking.

Every business person at least should be able to discover what business etiquette is, and what it isn't, undertsand its importance, and learn how business nannners make a difference.

Here are five main benefits that will help you to be effective and use appropriate business etiquette.

1. Good manners help you make a positive impression.

2. Being perceived as a professional enhances your credibility.

3. Knowing that you are behaving correctly helps you feel relaxed and confident so you can focus on business.

4. Following the protocol of being polite shows that you are a team player.

5. People like to do business with you when you make them feel comfortable.

These and other benefits are explained in a variety of situations in our class about Effective Business Behavior.

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